Orthodontic Appliances


Expanders are used most often in children.Two of the most common indications are CROSSBITES and DENTAL CROWDING.

An expander can actually ‘expand’ or enlarge the jaw. In doing so, there will be more space created for new adult teeth.Many bite problems are corrected by enlarging the width of the jaw, establishing the proper relationship between the teeth on the side of the mouth. Bite problems in the front of the mouth are also corrected by using expanders.

Typically, expanders are bonded onto the teeth and stay in the mouth for 4-6 months. After removal of the expander, the patient may go right into braces, or possibly wear a removable retainer until all the adult teeth have erupted.


Have you ever heard of headgear? Your parents may have! Those days are basically over. Dr. Wolsky uses an appliance called a pendulum to correct overbites. It fits completely inside the mouth, and it is bonded on the teeth so the patient doesn’t have to worry about taking it on and off themselves. Its constantly at work to correct overbites!

Bite Plane

A bite plane is a removable appliance that the patient can take in and out of their mouth as prescribed by Dr. Wolsky. Typically these are worn at night while sleeping to help correct bite problems. They come in a variety of colors, just look below!

Removable Appliances


RETAINERS are appliances designed to “hold” the position of teeth.In some cases, retainers are used to influence growth of the jaws in order to effect changes in facial structure. In addition, they are often used before and in conjunction with fixed appliances or braces. Sometimes they are used to move just one or two teeth in a specific direction.

Since removable appliances can easily be taken out by the patient, there may be a tendency not to wear them as we have prescribed. This means your teeth, jaws and muscles may move back toward their original positions. Following Dr. Wolsky’s instructions for proper wear are very important.

Removable appliances require care. Although you may notice an effect on eating and speaking along with an increase in the flow of saliva, you will eventually adjust to the appliance.