Quick Home Repairs

Some orthodontic problems may be temporarily fixed at home. Please call the office if you have something broken or poking. We will see you as soon as possible. However, in the meantime, try one of these tips to make the braces more comfortable:


Use the wax from the office to make sharp areas feel smoother. Place a small piece of wax over a poking wire or broken braces. The SMALLER the piece of wax, the more likely it will stay in place. Try to pull off a size of a pea!

If a wire comes out of the brace, especially in the back of the mouth, try to feed it back into the little hole with tweezers. If you cannot, try to place it UNDER the brace so it doesn’t stick out. If a wire is sticking out and severely poking, you may cut it with a nail clipper to make it more comfortable. We will repair it in the office at your next visit. Nail clippers are great tools to have during the braces years!

If a small piece of wire sticks out, sometimes you can try to push it back in with an eraser on a pencil.


If you have a clear retainer that becomes sharp on the edge, use a nail file to try to smooth it down. Try to wear it as much as possible until we can see you in the office. We will use special scissors at the office to smooth the edge.

If you have a colored acrylic retainer that does not fit, it may mean that a new tooth is growing in and changing the shape of your mouth. Please try to call the office to have Dr. Wolsky take a look as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more the teeth can shift into an undesirable position.


If a spacer fell out, that means it is working! It created a space between teeth and now there is nothing to hold it in place. Please call the office. If your next appointment is in a day or two, we may tell you to leave it out and not worry about it as there is most likely enough space between the teeth. If your next appointment is more than a few days away, first try to replace the spacer at home.

Use two pieces of dental floss to thread the spacer, and then try to slide it down between the teeth. Once the spacer is in place, carefully remove the floss. Make sure you can see the top of the spacer-we do NOT want it down below the gum line. Please call us with any questions!

If you have any problems with your spacers, braces or retainer, every attempt will be made to see you as soon as possible. Please call the office at (303) 795-2591 to let us know whats going on!